Asklesoft is a french company founded in 2021 by two French engineers. The company edits e-QUALi a SaaS solution.  


E-QUALi was born from freeze-dryers FAT and SAT. Asklesoft’s CEO, Alexandre Koziol, was then an field engineer for Abzil Tesltar and work in the commissioning of new complex systems. Therefore, he spent more than half of his time printing, writing and signing papers on a daily basis. Not to mention the timeloss for the channel of signatures.

Our solution is designed to offer you a fast paperless solution for every steps of the commissioning. As a software developped by and for the pharmaceutical industry, e-QUAli follows the FDA (21 CFR Part 11) and the EMA guidances.

E-QUALi allows you to be more efficient and cost saving with an ROI in less than 2 months. Besides, this paperless solution will make your qualifications greener.

Regulatory environment

The fast expansion of technology these last decades revolutionize our way of managing datas.

Fast changes drove several industries to adapt themselves while some had to wait further features such as security integrity. Since march 1997, the FDA edited the first version of the 21 CFR Part 11, opening the way to use electronic documents instead of paper ones in the pharmaceutical industry.

The 2 keys are the electronic signature and the electronic documentations system.

For more informations, FDA & EMA.